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Market Leading, Broad Coverage Options from Lloyd's and other select markets

Professional Errors and Omissions Including Cyber, Privacy Liability, Plus Packaged General Liability and Property Options from our select underwriting partners.

* Plans Start at $22 per month

If you are a Managed Service Provider, please use the attached PDF APP

and Instructions.  Remember to email a copy of the application and a copy 

of your declaration page if you currently have E&O Cyber policy.

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MSP APP                MSP Instructions


Thanks! Message sent.

The following statements regarding your insurance application must be true.  If not please advise  

  • You are not aware of any current problems or errors in your work that may give rise to a claim being brought against you that may be covered by this Policy. If a claim has been brought against this policy over the past year, you must notify Michael Kihm in your response here.

  • In the last five years no client has brought, or threatened to bring, legal action against you in relation to your products or the delivery of your business activities.

  • In the last five years no third party has sent you a cease and desist notice or threatened to bring legal action against you for intellectual property rights infringement.

  • You do not supply software or services in relation to mission critical financial software or live trading platforms, SCADA software, medical software (used in a clinical context), or software or services to the aviation industry containing any safety critical aspects.

  • You are not the publisher of a website that allows third parties to upload user generated content to the site (e.g. photos, videos, music) and make it available to the general public.

  • You have anti-virus software installed and enabled on all desktops, laptops and servers (excluding database servers) and is it updated on a regular basis. You also have firewalls installed on all external gateways. You take regular back-ups (at least weekly) of all critical data and store the same offsite or in a fire-proof safe or your outsourced service provider meets this requirement

  • Is your building less than 25 years old. If older than 25 years, updates to plumbing, heating, roofing and electrical wiring have been completed in the last 10 years?  Yes.  If answer is no we must be advised.  

  • Is your property self-contained with a lockable entrance door? Yes.  If answer is no we must be advised.



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