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Why Choose


TO PROTECT YOUR ASSETS!  We offer market leading insurance terms which include market leading coverage optioins. Do you have funds set aside for such contingencies or catastrophic losses?    Insurance helps provide long-term viability for competitive industries and complicated risks.


Our Deeply Reduced Premiums can save you and your clients money.  Several Insureds have saved upwards of $5,000 per annum especially those participating in our partner programs.


Clients are increasingly requiring certificates of insurance to ensure that your firm

has basic insurance to provide them protection.  Provide you and your clients peace of mind.  Use our insurance as a marketing tool. 


Policies will defend and indemnify you for losses.  Legal representation to defend your firm for claims and other alleged negligent acts.  Our Lloyd's option includes market leading Professional Errors & Omissions , Cyber, Privacy, HIPAA, Copyright Trademark and other key coverages on a full worldwide basis.


We are trusted partners and have long term relationships with several leading

associations and large corporations. 


Client Renewal / Retention rate of nearly 100%, far above industry average of

88%.  Plus benefits that:

•        Lower your compliance administration costs
•        Reduce your workload
•        Ensure 100% Compliance
•        Efficient systems, programs and platforms
•        Effective program implementation and administration
•        Process and store documents in a secure environment

Tailored Solutions:
•        That fully meet your contractual insurance requirements
•        Owners and Contractors Protective Liability
•        Options which include coverage for the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) and
Contract Specific Insurance Policies for select clients




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