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Property Insurance

Homeowners or Commercial Property Insurance options from Hartford, Travelers, and other leading markets

Premiums Start at $175 per year but largely depends on your your property needs, location and values  

If the building is over 10 years old please confirm

the last year of updates to the following.

Roof, HVAC, Electrical, Plumbing. 

What limits and coverage would you like  (If you have a copy of your existing building / home insurance 

declaration page this can help us determine some of this info - we will provide stand limit and coverage options

depending on your building and property valuations unless otherwise stated here).

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Does your business own the building?  Does your business rent / lease off space?  If you rent space / offices, please provide a brief descriptions of what other tenants do.  Is your office located in your home?

What is the value of the building if owned & What is the value of the contents / business  property to be insured?   (include computers, furniture, phones, faxes etc. in $ amount per location?

The following statements regarding your insurance application must be true.  If not please advise  


Attestation Question
Claims Experience: 

  1. Any claims in the last (3-5) years? If yes, describe with dates, description of the incident and loss amounts:

  2. Have you had a claim or been declined, cancelled or non-renewed during the past three years?

Thanks for submitting!

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