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Important Bulletin: Data Loss, Cyber Crimes, Extortion, Ransomware attacks are exponentially growing in volume & severity. Obtain coverage today!! 

New Products and other Opportunities for Tech, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Cyber and Crypto Companies. If you are in this space,   wants to hear and speak with you.   

Tech, Errors & Omissions,

Cyber, Privacy Liability and General Business Insurance Solutions

Save Money, Meet Contractual Obligations and Obtain New Levels of Coverage Protection.  Our Policies and Packages Provide Market Leading Insurance Options.  Receive Best Quote Terms Today!

Our Servuces

Our Solutions 

Basic Business Package Option

Professional Errors and Omissions,

General Liability, Business

Owners with Property

and Crime Options.

Premiums Start at $22 per month

Market Leading Broad Package Option

​Professional Errors and Omissions Including Cyber, Privacy Liability

Plus Packaged General Liability and Property Options from our select underwriting partners.

​Broad Comprehensive Plans Start at $499 per Year

Cyber, Network Security & Privacy Liability

(AKA Cyber Liability, Data Liability, Network Security, Hacking Insurance, etc.)

Network Security & Asset Protection,

Privacy Breach Liability,

PCI Fines & Penalties,

Cyber Attacks & Crime,

Theft of Funds,

Rogue Employee Coverage,

Hack + Virus Coverage,

Data Restoration, Cyber Extortion,

Notification Costs,

Regulatory Defense & Penalties

including HIPAA.

Premiums Start at $225-to- $450 per year


Workers Compensation / Employers Liability

Employees Injured on the Job? 

​Need to meet Contractual or

State Minimum Requirements?

Premiums generally start at $175 but depend on several variables including class types, payroll, location, state, etc.

Commercial & Personal Auto

Auto Liability

Property Damage

Comp / Collision 

​Need to meet Contractual or

State Minimum Requirements?

Terms depend on several variables

including vehicle type(s), mileage, 

location, state, etc.

Car Lot
Employment Practices Liability

Wrongful termination

Sexual and other Discrimination


Premiums Start at $499 per year

1.  shutterstock_97582856 woman papers.j
Crime / Fiduciary Liability

Client Related Theft

Employee Theft


Premiums Start at $500 per year.  

Low Limits if packaged $22 per month. 

Security Alarm
Directors and Officers Insurance

 To protect executives personal and company’s assets against claims from shareholders, clients, customers for “misstatements and mismanagement

Premiums Start at $999 per year if packaged 

Management Meeting
Building / Homeowners

Own a building?

Company owns building(s) or properties?

Own a home or properties? 

Need Homeowners or Property Insurance?

Terms depend on values, location, state, etc.


London Street
Association & Vendor Master Programs


In need of insurance, risk management, warranty and other related services / solutions for your membership, clients, vendors, contractors?

Do you have professional, cyber, privacy, ID theft, warranty or other insurance related needs?


Are you a Tech Firm, MSP or Professional Organization? offers Proven Solutions and are proud to work with Microsoft Corporation and leading Associations

Patent and Intellectual Property Insurance

Are you in a competitive industry and marketplace?

Are you concerned about the complexities and exorbitant costs your company may face to defend and possibly enforce your Patents, Copyright, Trademark and other Intellectual Properties?

Terms depend on product class type, marketplace, number of Patents, etc. but we strive to offer leading terms.


Patent Preparation and Prosecution
Umbrella and Excess Insurance

Do you need Umbrella and or Excess Insurance for your business or personal needs?

Complete applicable applications for building, professional , general liability, workers comp and or auto that will be the primary underlying coverage(s) or send an email to with 

Terms depend on product class type, marketplace, number of Patents, etc. but we strive to offer leading terms.


Mission Statement

To Provide Innovative, Market Leading Insurance and Risk Management Solutions in Today's Complex Environment


About Us: is fast growing, leading technology & cyber insurance brokerage firm. We are a technology services organization that focuses on insurance and risk management solutions. Many companies lack adequate risk management & disaster recovery related plans. can provide dedicated solutions and tools to alleviate the problems. We provide the latest in insurance protection and risk related options. Our firm is unique in that we offer specially designed insurance, products and advanced systems that are complimentary to your overall needs. is committed to providing comprehensive yet user friendly solutions We strive to offer insurance and risk management services that save you and your business time and money. Quote terms for many of our products can be obtained 24/7, using our streamlined automated systems and applications. Insurance program is operated by Drawbridge Insurance Services, LLC. Our firm was established in 2005. (CA License #0F00765) and in NY, Drawbridge Insurance Brokerage.

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