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Cyber & Privacy Liability

Network Security & Asset Protection, Privacy Breach Liability, PCI Fines & Penalties, Cyber Attacks & Crime, Rogue Employee Coverage, Hack + Virus Coverage, Data Restoration, Cyber Extortion, Notification Costs, Regulatory Defense & Penalties including HIPAA.

Premiums Start at $225-to- $450 per year

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The following statements regarding your insurance application must be true.  If not please advise  


Attestation Questions
1. Within the last 3 years has Named Insured suffered any cyber incidents
resulting in a claim in excess of $25,000?  No
(if yes, explain below)
2. Is Named Insured aware of any circumstances that could give rise to a
claim under this insurance policy? No
(if yes, explain below)
3. Does Named Insured enable disk encryption on laptops, desktops, and
other portable media devices?  Yes   or Sometimes
4. Does Named Insured accept credit cards or collect Personally Identifiable
Information (PII) or Protected Health Information (PHI) from its customers?
(This does not include employees of Named Insured.)  Yes
5. Does Named Insured have procedures to back up, archive, and restore
sensitive data and critical business systems?  Yes
6. Does Named Insured require dual control when transferring funds in
excess of $25,000?*  Yes
7. Within the last 3 years has Named Insured been subject to any complaints
concerning the content of its website, advertising materials, social media,
or other publications? No
(if yes, explain below)
8. Does Named Insured have procedures to remove content (including third
party content) that is libelous, infringing, or otherwise controversial? Yes

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