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Get a free, no-obligation quote today. is proud to partner with Hiscox Insurance Company, a leading Lloyd's of London underwriting company.

Select options for Professional Errors and Omissions Liability, General Liability or Business-owners with hired and non-owned auto, property options and crime options noted.  It will not take any additional time and give you great price breakdown for each.     Next, it will ask questions about tangible products and VOIP.  If you resell Hardware or service, that is ok and the system should allow you to quote.  Lastly, if it asks for prior retroactive date, enter your date of incorporation or date you established operations.

If you have any questions please call Hiscox Insurance Company:  (888) 202-3007 

* The above link is for firms with less than $5M in revenues, if you have revenues exceed this please complete the attached and fax / scan back to

If your Revenues are > $5M:   Tech Firm App           Media Company App     Miscellaneous / Other Firm App

Hiscox Insurance Companies offers direct monthly or annual automatic, certificate of insurance, policy servicing, and other service related needs / question.  Much of this is fully automated. Hiscox is  A (+) rated by Moody’s and or Standard & Poor’s and are financially secure.

​If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact us.

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