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Welcome to the ASCII -  Insurance Program.  

Important Memo:

Re: Tech Insurance & Risk Management
We are pleased to introduce new insurance solutions for 2022 and beyond. As you may know, there are massive problems in the Tech, Managed Services, Cyber, and now even your client and customer spaces. has developed exclusive and leading solutions for tech companies. We operate insurance programs and deploy proven underwriting methodologies.

Here is some key information and documentation to immediately manage risk and insurance needs: only works with A+ Rated Insurance Company Partners.
We have propriety underwriting and insurance program management processes which are working very well.

Enclosed are:
1. has a working Tech Insurance Application.

Ful l Instructions are on page  #2 , If you have a current policy and application,
feel free to email in lieu of the current application we have attached.


2. You can also email a copy of your existing insurance policies your company currently has in place. will then analyze your policies to ensure your company not only is receiving the best rates, but that all critical exposures are properly scheduled on your policies.

3. We will provide your company Risk Management Services: Including Tech MSP Standardization, Best Practices, Contracting Analysis, and Cyber Incident Prevention, Detection & Response Solutions for your business and your customers and prospects.


We understand your time is limited. will offer your company risk management material that will not only benefit your company your employees but also be help your clients with critical exposures at hand today.

Basic Application Instructions:

The application is carefully designed to address key exposure & insurance needs.
You may only need to fill out certain sections


 Note we offer Note we offer packaged solutions packaged solutions so at times it is very so at times it is very beneficial to include the cyber, to include the cyber, office building information.

Please view this as a sound risk management exercise that can educate and protect your company and your employees. holds regular webinar sessions reviewing the risk management application and services we offer.

Noting this:

The Application is broken down into basic sections:


Section 1: Company Contact Details page 1
Section 2: Your Basic Business Activities page 2
Section 3: Contract & Legal Basic Info page 3
Section 4: Cyber Security Risk Management page 4
Section 5: Your office / building info page 5
Section 6 : Workers Comp / Employee Liabilities: page 6
Miscellaneous page 7
Section 7: Claims Experience page 7
Section 8: Supplement (if company owns Autos) page 8-9

(Sections #5 - building info & #6 workers comp are optional but recommended)


If you prefer, you can appoint as your broker agent of existing insurance policies you may have in place elsewhere. This is fully optional.  To do this we would need a broker agent insurance of record letter from you. and underwriting partners, if needed will use the broker of record letter and ill use the broker of record letter and this this application is not needed necessarily if at all, if at all, at this immediate time..

As a courtesy, we will analyze your risks and exposures in entirety, making recommendations that may help you and your franchise.
We will prefill and upload as much information into our program systems, our application if needed to ensure your company is insured correctly.

We are excited to help you manage your insurance and risk needs.
If you have any questions please call us toll free 866.355.7475 at or email

Thanks very much for your consideration!
Insurance: Toll: 866.355.7475 Tel: 267.803.1371



                         Tech E&O Cyber                      Crime Insurance 

                         General Liability / BOP             Employment Practices Liability:

                         Property                                    Directors and Officers Insurance 

                         Workers Comp                          Merger / Acquisition/ Asset Insurance 

                         Auto Insurance                         Cyber Insurance for your clients

                         Umbrella / Excess                    Trade Credit / Client Payment Protection

                         Other insurance upon request


* Risk Management: Tech MSP & Client Standardization, Best  Practices, Contracting Analysis,

                                  Cyber Incident Prevention, Detection & Response Solutions.  

                                  Services vary with base applications; by  insurance company partners; based on your needs. 


The ASCII Lloyd’s Program Policy has been broadened to include insurance for  Extortion, Public Relations,

Reputation and Brand Protection  and other key Cyber / Privacy Policies for 2022 and beyond…


We are proud to introduce new insurance product offerings for:

· Employment Practices Liability: Premiums start at $600 per year

· Crime Insurance:  Premiums start at $500 per year

· Cyber Liability for your clients:  Promote as a value added service -  protect your clients against cyber & privacy liability today.  Premiums start at $450 per year.

Instructions for our online application are noted at the bottom of this page.  If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact us

Get a free, no-obligation quote today. 

Other Important Insurances:

  • Cyber, Data, Privacy and Network Security Insurance (for your clients)


  • Workers Compensation - Employer's Liability

  • Auto


  • Employment Practices Liability (EPLI)  New!

  • Crime  New!


  • Property insurance


  • Umbrella or Excess


  • Director and Officers


  • Mergers and Acquisitions

  • Homeowners


  • Other policies upon request / need recommends that small to medium sized businesses at a minimum obtain General Liability or a Business Owners Policy. Comprehensive General Liability, Business Owners and Property Package coverage is the most basic type of commercial insurance and is limited to liability claims of bodily injury or property damage. Coverage is provided for accidents on your premises or at your customer's location.

We strongly suggest that all firms obtain Errors and Omissions Insurance (aka Professional Liability Insurance). These policies defend and indemnify your firm for alleged negligent acts, errors or omissions. can often offer broadened errors and omissions policies to include coverage for copyright and trademark infringement, Network and Internet Liability and Media Content. These exposures are especially important for technology providers or firms with a significant Internet presence.


Other Common Insurance Provided to many clients are:   Workers Compensation - Employer's Liability, Auto, Employment Practices, Directors and Officers and Crime / Theft and Umbrella Insurance.  Request a comprehensive risk analysis for complete review of your exposures and needs. 

Master Program Partnership is a proud partner of the ASCII Group.   We offer leading insurance protection and terms to ASCII Members. Our select industry technology association partner is the ASCII Group.   Are you an Managed Service Provider (MSP), a value-added-reseller (VAR), a network integrator or IT Consulting firm?  If so, you need our insurance today.

For Certificates of Insurance:  Please visit here> 


ASCII Insurance Program

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